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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chevy Music Showcase Launch on 1/12 feat. Beth Bombara, John Henry & The Engine! Plus, Dear Genre & more! #STL #MUSIC

The Chevy Music Showcase is an online community and two minute mini-documentary TV series dedicated to the St. Louis music scene. Powered by Chevy, they launch at Atomic Cowboy this Thursday, January 12th at 7pm. The website is now live. The mini-documentary TV series will air soon on the local CBS affiliate KMOV. Watch it this Friday on Channel 4 between 6:50 - 7:00 am, 11:25 - 11:30 pm, and 11:54 - 12:00 midnight. This post features a track by both of the artists that are playing at the launch party and are also involved in the first season. Beth Bombara is scheduled to perform at the launch with John Henry & The Engine. If you visit the showcase online, one might notice that Dear Genre is their featured artist of the week. So, in honor of that, below the first two songs is one of their tracks also. Two of these three are free downloads. Also, be sure to visit the showcase website HERE for another exclusive download by Dear Genre. Also, this week's #VideoOfTheWeek goes to the showcase for all of their efforts. You can find that below the three songs, maybe I'll see you there?

(Click on Sound Cloud image, right of above widget to download.)

(Click on Sound Cloud image, right of above widget to download.)

I think it is great to see a brand invest money in artists, it also nice to see the RFT, St. Louis Music Press and blog's like I Went To A Show all pumping this up before it hits. Go scene! If you missed Friday & Saturday's show announcements, check them out HERE.