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Monday, July 25, 2011

Post #45, it's Monday, that means 4 new announcement acts for Rock U Fest 2011:

Ockum's Razor is the first act announced for this week's Rock U Fest confirmations, this song is also a free and exclusive download.

Ockum's Razor - A New Thing by rockufest

Feedback is the second act announced, they are also performing at this year's Lou Fest event. They were one of five high school rock bands that battled it out and secured a spot. In addition, they also attended Fazio's Rock Academy, their track is also a free download.

Feedback - Witt by rockufest

Gemini Hustler
is the third act announced and their song is available for free download, check 'em out.

Gemini Hustler - Denim and Blues by rockufest

The fourth and final act for this week is none other than Sicfaist. The band just dropped a new disk recently and the song is also represented in this weeks #Video Of The Week too. It was filmed by St. Luniverse and was edited by Third Ear Productions.

Sicfaist - Oblivination by rockufest

Next Monday we will bring you more acts on the bill, up later this week is free music from Make Me, Break Me in support of their Pageant show this w/e & also a free download of Since 1902 recent release, as well. Lot's more on board too, including Kharma and also The Legendary Clampetts. So, stay tuned in. As, Rock U Fest develops, you will notice the playlist for each stage at the event will take shape on some of the sites. On this one, you can see them in action HERE, as well as being able to instantly become a fan of the acts via Facebook and Twitter buttons.