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Rock U Fest

09/28/13 - Saturday, Sept. 14th at Atomic Cowboy

An all-ages event lasting twelve hours that is dedicated to promoting unity in the Saint Louis rock-n-roll community. It will be held from 2pm to 2am on Saturday, Sept. 28th at Atomic Cowboy, featuring three stages of rock music simultaneously. The festival's attendees and artists alike will range in various age groups, ethnicities, back rounds, belief systems and lifestyles, not to mention genres of rock.

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Mission Statement: Here at Rock University, we try to instill our youth with a positive outlook on how to master skills like shredding on the guitar and slapping the bass. We strive to provide an atmosphere of empowerment that will leave the artist with a new found aptitude for maximum potential. We will rock you, we need a few good men & women to serve our fine city, but we cannot do it without "U".

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