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Friday, June 3, 2011

Riverfront Times Showcase Samplers 1 & 2 + Blind Eyes live @ KDHX:

The Riverfront Times Showcase is tomorrow in downtown St. Louis and it is just $5.00 to go, the A-Z music blog has compiled a preview of some of the artists that will be performing. So, I thought it would be beneficial to share their playlist with you also. The event takes place from 2pm to 2am. Click the highlighted link for a detailed synopsis on each act and where to get there music. Support the artist in any way you can, the artists submitted these tracks to them for sampling purposes, so go to one of their shows and or purchase their music when it is possible to do so. Also, if you plan to attend, here is a handy guide to the event right HERE. So, here it is, part one and part two of the sampler, courtesy of the RFT:

Riverfront Times Showcase 2011 Sampler by Riverfront Times

Riverfront Times Showcase Sampler by RFTMusicShowcase2011

I think it is nice to see them using Sound Cloud, another local site that has been using it for quite awhile now is KDHX, they crank out new tracks every day. You see, every day that any artist stops by their studio, they have a video feature of them and they record it. They upload those tracks to Sound Cloud too. Normally, this is for free downloads, but I think sometimes it is good to feature stuff like this too. It is just good for the scene. Since the above tracks are from RFT artists, I figured why not share something from KDHX too, so low and behold the other day's session was with the Blind Eyes. They are on the RFT Showcase for 2011 too, so it just works, enjoy streaming all of this mostly local talent from this post. Without further ado, here are the Blind Eyes live on KDHX from June 2nd:

Blind Eyes: Live at KDHX 6/2/11 by KDHX