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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post #37: Feat. The New Madrid Fault Line & P.R.E.A.C.H.

The New Madrid Fault line is from Jefferson County, MO. The core of the group are Cody and Brandon Petit, but their open door policy keeps things evolving constantly. They don't really try to write any specific genre of music. Whatever happens, happens is their philosophy. They are in need of a drummer, so if you are out there and play and live in the Jefferson County area hit them up HERE. In addition, they will have a show coming up on August 10th and are still trying to pick the venue to have it at.

Ways of 1000 by The New Madrid Fault Line

aged into kindling by The New Madrid Fault Line

Gather your rubish by The New Madrid Fault Line

Next up, we have this week's video of the week by P.R.E.A.C.H. Below is also a free download of a song of his, courtesy of UnXpected Music. He was scheduled to perform at this Thursday's benefit at the Way Out Club for the American Red Cross. All money made will be donated to the Red Cross. Unfortunately, he will not be able to perform, but UnXpected Music has put together a stellar line up. Contact Ben Quick on facebook or via email if you would like to donate, but cannot attend the event.
Quick (AT) unxpectedmusic (DOT) net

*HERE is the facebook event. Click picture to view full size.

Bounce Back (Come Up) by UnXpected Music

Lastly, I received an email the other day, this is a call to action for you musicians and it is from KETC Channel 9, now called the Nine Network. Read it HERE.