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Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the Saint Louis Musician's Unite Music Blog!

The goal of this music blog is promote the Saint Louis Metro area's original music scene by providing FREE downloads every week. Become a friend on Facebook, if you are not already, for the areas upcoming shows. With all that being said, welcome! We are looking for our first entries, music can be from any genre, we just ask that it is an original work and be submitted by a member of your music group. The guidelines for submitting are on the right of this blog page. Also, here is a helpful guide if you plan to submit yours via email and it is as follows: Creating Mp3's

That is pretty much it. Chris Sebastian from the group 'Lake 32' runs the Facebook page and reposts events in the STL area, this blog was an idea of Chris Davis from 'Ockum's Razor'. We plan to add some additional music bloggers to this and will provide a seperate page for each column and divide them up into genres that they have a passion for. So, get to submitting and look for the first blog post of FREE music by some of your favorite STL artists on Monday, May 24th!