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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#RudeFestival2017 (Day 2 Feature) 4/1 @Fubar_STL

It's that time of year again. #UpThePunx time. This post is the second of three articles featuring Rude Festival. The three day event will take place at Fubar from Friday, March 31st to Sunday, April 2nd. The bands playing the festival are from the Saint Louis area along with acts from all over the United States and beyond. All of the details are in the official Facebook event page HERE on the festival. There is also a pre-party on Thursday, March 30th at The Crack Fox plus, there is an after-party on Friday, March 31st at The Crack Fox. The official event page on Facebook for that is HERE. Take a look below to see what the festival is like and then catch the run down of all the acts playing the first day of the festival. If you missed the Day 1 feature just visit HERE to check that out or scroll down the blog to the last post.

Rude Fest St Louis 2017: DAY 2 features the following acts:

The Dickies, The Turbo A.C.'s, Brutally Frank, Opposites Attack, The Bollweevils, Dan Vapid & The Cheats, The Virgin Whores, The Independents, The Dewtons, Rotten Stitches, FTS, Abraxas, Some Kind of Nightmare, Rage Cvlt, Dirty Rotten Revenge, Clitoris Rex, The Radio Buzzkills, With A T, The Subservients.