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Friday, February 3, 2017

@lofistl podcasts 1 & 2 featuring submissions for #LoFiCherokee2017 plus more!

LO-FI SAINT LOUIS was launched in February of 2005. Since then it has grown and evolved into many things. One of which is the annual event Lo-Fi Cherokee. Follow @lofistl on the socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

This feature displays music from artists that have submitted their music for consideration for Lo-Fi Cherokee. An annual event where they shoot 18 live performance music videos in one day on Cherokee Street in St. Louis.


This edition features about half of the indie rock acts that submitted (the largest submission category.) So this is part one. Here is the episode playlist:

Aquataine – “the morning wakes“

Ashes and Iron – “superstition drags us down“

Bagheera – “the Demotion of Pluto”

Dear Genre – “Move“

Family Medicine – “Naked Yoga“

Death Tech – “True“

Glued – “Remote Control” (live at blank space)

Grand House – “Designated“

Jailbox – “Whole“

Jeske Park – “Ninja Latern“

Joe Link – “Dynamite”


This edition featured bands in the pop category:

Bubblevest “Luvin”

Fresh Heir “Waiting”

Orphan Welles “Your & Mine”

Stacey Winter “Staying Power”

Summer Magic “Hey”

The Belief Cycle “Celebrate”

The Free Years “Easy”

The Trans-matter Express “Hold On”

Tidal Volume “Don’t Go”

This week's Video Of The Week is by The Woodshed. Published on Dec 26, 2016 with Tommy Halloran meets Emily Wallace on the first episode of the Woodshed, a rock'n'roll game show. Also featuring Sean Canan and The Voodoo Players.

Woodshed Ep1 w/ Tommy Halloran vs Emily Wallace is continued by additional episodes below on the playlist:

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