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Saturday, March 1, 2014

New music by @ShotgunAbby, @Unifyah & new video by @evilsuperheroes!

Shotgun Abby makes music under the indie rock umbrella and they are doing what they love. Which is making music they like. Their latest track is entitled, "Athen's Burning". I think that the title and the lyrics for this song fit what's going on in general terms with our daily lives in this country. We are consumed daily with our personal muses and meanderings, while interacting and learning the continual blurred lines of the boundaries that seem to shrink before our very eyes. Times get tough and there are always many things that quickly come to mind as to why it has nothing to do with ourselves. When ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves and cannot control the actions of others. I do my personal best not to judge, but we all fall short at times.

This track has a nice, progressive flow that appeals to me. Shawn's vocals reign over the first verse and chorus, while Kerry's are introduced in the second and they mesh well together by the second chorus. Shotgun Abby began in 2012 and just recorded their upcoming release at BSRG Studio. Shotgun Abby's family has grown lately too. Shawn Telkamp added rhythm/lead guitarist Ross Watson, bassist Jeremy Carpenter and the latest addition of Rose Lynne Guardado on backing vocals. Tony Hunt continues to play percussion, while Kerry Duepner adds to the heat with the fire of her vocal execution. The song really sounds good quality and I enjoyed the songwriting too. I'm glad that things are coming together for them. Everyone meshes well all around the board. Decide for yourself and listen and check out their upcoming shows below the music.

*Visit HERE to stream/download "Athen's Burning" and also HERE for more music available by Shotgun Abby.

I am stoked also to present the new EP by Unifyah. This nine-piece group blends styles of rock, reggae, ska, dub, hip-hop and funk. They are very hard working and some of the coolest guys I've ran across over the past couple of years. Having already heard the music live, I was impressed that the studio versions of their music has that live feel that some artists don't realize to incorporate when recording. It sounds tight. I think you may have heard of them before and their website can explain as to why. These dudes are on "Fyah!" To purchase their debut EP on ITunes visit HERE. I'ts also available on Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and Google Play.

Visit HERE to stream/download "Rhythm Of The Seasons" by Unifyah.

This week's #VideoOfTheWeek! is by Midwest Avengers. They play a show tonight at Cicero's. Visit HERE for more on that. They will also be at Fubar on March 18th. Be safe this weekend with your journey.

Visit HERE to view the latest video "Life Goes On" by MWA.