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Monday, February 3, 2014

@LordsandKids @clusterpluckin #Tasi & #Lusid battle @oldrockhousestl on 2/13 for a slot at this year's @wakarusafest

The annual Waka Winter Classic comes to town this year again at the Old Rock House on Thursday, February 13th. Lords And Kids, Clusterpluck, Tasi and also Lusid will be performing to win your votes in hopes of playing this year's bluegrass/jam music festival. For all of the event info. and rules on voting, etc. visit HERE. This week's #VideoOfTheWeek is by last year's winner Old Salt Union. Which just launched a kickstarter to produce their second album. If you care for info. on that visit HERE. So, check out this year's contenders and come prepared to choose.

Stream/Download Lords And Kids

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Stream/Download Tasi

Watch Old Salt Union video here.