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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

@METSTL @PlushSTL Saturday 6/29 w/ #UmbrellaBLVD 4 CD Release show! #STL #MUSIC

Brooks Bracken returns with his new project Umbrella BLVD who will be releasing their debut album "A Wretch Like Me" on Saturday, June 29th at Plush along with Man Eating Tiger and Bad Graphics. The doors open at 8:00 pm and this is an 18 and up show only, the cover is $8.00 at the door. Visit HERE for the event page on facebook. I think this looks and sounds like an interesting show to attend. It features some veterans of the scene that have continued to be a part of this thing we call independent music in St. Louis. Take a moment to listen to the music below and or download it. The Umbrella BlVD. stuff is only available to stream, but they do have a link on their website to purchase it. One may find that linked above in this paragraph.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Bleeding Out - (Radio Edit)" by Man Eating Tiger.

*Click HERE to stream/download "A View Of The Aftermath" or "Scattering Pearls" by Man Eating Tiger.

*Click HERE to stream "The Old Disappearing Act" by Umbrella BLVD.

*Click HERE to stream "Ghost" by Umbrella BLVD.