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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Music by @ElaDevine & video by #DidgesChristSuperdrum! #STL #MUSIC

Painter and singer/songwriter Pamela Devine has been working on her album that is scheduled for release in late 2013. She came to the last STLMU meeting at Utopia Studios. By the way, if you are interested in attending one, visit the "About" page and see when the next one is. Where was I? Oh, yes. I remember. While Pamela was walking down the steps into "The Necropolis" portion of the creative space there, she told me afterwards she was wondering what she was getting herself into. Once she sat down we all introduced ourselves and chatted about many things. Shawn and I later listened to her music after the meeting and she has a soulful voice and reminds us of Annie Lenox. She writes her music for those they are meant for, maybe these speak to you.

*Visit HERE to stream "Rain" by Pamela Divine.

*Visit HERE to stream "Georgia" by Pamela Divine.

*Visit HERE to stream "Echobox" by Pamela Divine.

Didges Christ Superdrum from Florida will be coming to town on Friday, May 31st to The Way Out Club and they sent over this video. HERE is the event page for the show with all the details. They play an odd mix of tribal drumming/didgeridoo/industrial/trance, and also have an interpretive dancer! Eclectic. HERE is this week's #VideoOfTheWeek!