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Thursday, May 2, 2013

@heavyarmsmusic releases "Burning Crowds" through UK based label, Myriad Records! #STL #MUSIC

HeavyArms is from Belleville, Illinois and just digitally released their full-length album "Burning Crowds" on April 29th 2013 through UK based label, Myriad Records. The group formed in late 2009 between members of various groups from the local region and have the DIY spirit. Being like-minded musicians with a goal in place, they have accomplished seven self-booked tours and an EP under their belt. This overdue and long-awaited album also features Chad Kapper, vocalist for A Dark Orbit on a track. The mastering was done by Alan Douches of West Side Music known for working with acts such as Converge, ETID, Architects, Dilinger, Brand New and the list just goes on. The following recording was done at Encapsulated Studios, known for having recorded Story Of The Year, Fister and Everything Went Black. The subject matter tackles defeat, triumph, loneliness, disgust, pride, and crippling bouts of self-realization. They wrote this album on a six month break during shows in 2010 and 2011. Below are three key tracks from the album with a review of each song. These are streamable only. If you like them, you can purchase them by visiting the band online at their website link at the beginning of this paragraph. I did, however, include a free download just below this new music that is from 2012 by the group. Explicit lyrics are contained, so be advised and discover for yourself whether or not this pushes your boundaries of what is an acceptable auditory experience.

*Click HERE to stream "Burning Crowds" by HEAVYARMS on Bandcamp.

"Boundless" Musically, this song kicks off with the lead guitar playing melodic runs up and down the guitar, meanwhile the rhythm guitar adds to the atmosphere with a dramatic flare for a measure or two. The drums and vocals kick in from there. Hardcore screaming is the style of choice, but the voice is strong and has good placement. The percussionist has tons of time signature changes, but knows when to just rock it on the verses. This song is progressive and builds and builds. On the bridge of this song, the low-tuned guitars are complimented nicely with this six-string, bass fill that comes out of nowhere. Lyrically, my interpretation of the words leaves me with the inclination that the writer is at a crossroads. Not just with a particular relationship, but with life in general. While he is uncertain of his future, he is actively aware of his chosen path and also seems to regret certain inescapable truths. Having tried so hard, his conscience is troubled and yet things appear to be unchanged from a particular point of view.

"Blood-letting" Musically, the guitar rings off a signal for the drums to set the pace for about a bar and then they all chime in. The beginning of the verses has the guitars nicely harmonizing and setting the tone, the drums play an oddly intriguing pattern and the bass underlines the guitars. I feel the vocalist's cries of pain. He sets a particular tone that stands out on this one. I was impressed with the sudden placement of musical synchronizations on the bridge. After that, it speeds up double-time just before the final breakdown. Then things compound and explode just before the end, where it seemingly almost sounds as if suddenly there is some sort of purging of the senses. Lyrically, I think that the writer is overwhelmed with the familiarity of certain thoughts and images that continually cause affliction. While he knows how to control them, the anxiety seems to keep him at bay. Times passes, his thoughts race as he cognitively knows he is out of control. Tired of the past, he embraces the optimism of the future by just letting go.

"Burning Crowds" is the stand out song of the three. On each song one can ascertain that the musicians are gifted, not only do they sound tight on all three efforts, but this actual song has a "tight" sound. It is fast and abrasive. Everyone compliments each other. It just rocks and drives and then something happens. Time slows down with the continual tap of the drummer and you just hear hair-raising screams of the vocalist trudging forward with the lyrics,"Erase that image in your mind, turn back the clocks, their not keeping you in time." The snare drum comes out of this measure the second time this structure is introduced and the guitars sound epic here. Immediately followed after this bar is a choral "Oh-Oh-Oh" sound repeated over and over until the end of the track. The intention of the words seems to be about those continual faces from the past that come to the writer's mind. He knows some are a problem and some are just friends that are no longer close. Not ready to forgive them of their wrongdoing's he is choosing to "erase" these images, which are the faces of these alleged evil-doer's. He is "Burning Crowds" metaphorically speaking, when he lets these thoughts into his mind, he gets that sinking feeling and something goes off. I think that he uses the visual image as a metaphor for breaking the cycle of madness that this train of thought leads him down.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Red Wedding" (The Bled Cover) by HEAVYARMS on Bandcamp.