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Monday, April 1, 2013

Richie Callison - The Story Behind "Do I Know You?" #STL #MUSIC

Richie Callison just so happened to be logged into his facebook account last year promoting his music when that little box popped up on the right. You know, the one that shows "Here's someone you may know", "Would you like to add them as a friend?" Before he sends a friend request, aside from having mutual friends, Richie always check to see what their musical tastes are. He uses it to promote his music. As it turned out, it was a hot chick that has mutual friends and loves hard rock music, so Richie sent the request. Not a day later, he get this snotty message from her "Do I Know You?" Richie thought about it for a while and wrote back,"No, but thanks for the song title!" True story, he also obviously created a story around this encounter. For the lyrics to this song and more of his music downloads visit HERE. His next single drops 4/16 on Itunes. The title is "Easy on the Eyes"!

*Click HERE to stream/download "Do I Know You?" by Richie Callison.