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Monday, February 4, 2013

STLMU Blog's Best Of 2012 #STL #MUSIC

It's February of 2013 and I guess that I should get around to the best of 2012. Just like last year, this is based off of songs that have been submitted and then uploaded by one of our Soundcloud accounts. The only method that I track otherwise is how it performs on a loved basis via the Hype Machine. Otherwise, this is just too time consuming to follow all together for each post, plus some plays/downloads by different accounts would not necessarily be from this blog. So, without taking up any more time here are your top performers for 2012. By the looks of it, I notice that three out of these five artists were represented at Rock University Festival this past year. Hmmm... Well, what do you know?!

Most played song goes to the F.O.A.D.'s with a total of 1,040 plays.

Click HERE to stream/download "F**K You!" by CeeLo Green in the style of the F.O.A.D.'s.

The most downloaded song was by the Jeff Riley Jazz Suite with 34 downloads.

Click HERE to stream/download "Reggae Soul" by Jeff Riley Jazz Suite. Also, this song was the second most played track on the blog this year with 723 plays.

The second most played song is by Unanimous and it's called "Stay The Night". It received 511 plays. Click HERE to stream/download this song.

This year's most downloaded artist is Unifyah. This song received 26 downloads itself. However, they had submitted three songs, the three totalled 80 downloads all together. 1,195 plays in all, which also gives them the title of most played artist. In addition, they also are crowned with this year's most hyped artist on the Hype Machine with 13 loves between all three tracks total. See the most hyped HERE.

Click HERE to stream/download "Over You" by Unifyah.

Most hyped song on the Hype Machine goes to Dancefloor Makeout's "Slut" with 15 hearts.

Click HERE to see this song's performance on the Hype Machine.

Well, that's all folks. Here is to 2013, cheers!