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Monday, October 22, 2012

@Ekkomouse debut album, plus a new @decadentnation video! #STL #MUSIC

Ekkomouse is a two-piece producing original alternative "beat" rock. Look for them to perform their first show in the near future. Meanwhile, be sure to take a listen to some of their music from their debut release "Suspicious Cricket". They incorporate guitar and bass along with live drums and drum programming/loops. The vocals are strong and spirited that carry a melody over the groove. The band describes it as a mash-up of hip-hop drums with a modern take on grunge and punk rock. Be on the look out for their first performance and feel free to name your price or download the release for no charge at their Bandcamp site HERE. Included below the three tracks from Sound Cloud is the complete album I just mentioned. Enjoy.

Click HERE to stream/download "Baking In The Sun" by Ekkomouse.

Click HERE to stream/download "The Look In Your Eyes" by Ekkomouse.

Click HERE to stream/download "Shades Of Grey" by Ekkomouse.

This week's #VideoOfTheWeek! is "Dan Boone Stomp" and it is named appropriately and also brought to you by Decadent Nation. They are releasing their new album on Friday, November 2nd at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO. HERE is the official event page for that. Check it out!