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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Great Grandfathers @ Plush on 9/22 feature! #STL #MUSIC

Allow me to introduce to you eight members with one collective passion for music and they go by the name of The Great Grandfathers. They will be sharing the stage with Jimmy Griffin and also The Defeated County this Saturday at Plush. HERE is the official event on facebook.

The Pop-Rock, Soul-Dance extravaganza that is "Saint Anthony's Fire" is their first effort. The Riverfront Times had the following to say about them this past June,"Saint Anthony's Fire is the band's first release, and it sounds like the fruitful labor of plenty of both bedroom songwriting sessions and meticulous studio tinkering." This is just an excerpt of the review by Christian Schaeffer. But you get the idea that they put a lot of thought and time getting it just right. With a heritage, yet modern sound, they have created a truly unique album with an addictive title track. HERE is a link to their EPK is you feel so inclined to check it out. Without further ado here is a song by the group.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Saint Anthony's Fire" by The Great Grandfathers.