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Monday, April 25, 2011

Post 33 featuring The Shadow Thieves & Die Wasted:

The Shadow Thieves name is a bit mysterious, however, they are not strangers to our scene. Casey Govero, recording engineer and radio host on Rock Town Radio, posted this on Hard-Wired Media. With permission from both parties, I bring you this exclusive, live performance by the dark-alternative act The Shadow Thieves. Their vocalist and guitarist Christopher shared with me that the group performs quite routinely, yet they are now busy behind the scenes with photo shoots and studio sessions over the next month. All of this is in preparation for their new release. I can tell you that there next show will be in June and they will be giving out free promo in honor of Vincent Price's 100th birthday. Stop by their facebook page, linked at the top of this post and give it a "like" to show them that you do and be on the look out for some new, live videos from them too. Check them out:

The Shadow Thieves - Blacklight Rain by Casey Govero

As you may know, or not, I have started a "Video Of The Week" page here on the blog. It is now into it's fourth feature with Die Wasted, which may fall into the new wave of glam, sleaze rock category, the band has a local show on May 25th with Diemonds (Canada) and Wildstreet (NYC) at the Way Out Club. Below is a video of the group, if you like what you see and hear, then go! Also, be sure to "like" their page on facebook too, embedded in the band name above. See their "Info" page for press clips on the band. Watch them in action: