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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Post #31 - Record Store Day events in STL, plus a feature on Swords & Horns along with a download by Buck The Trend:

April 16th is Record Store Day & it is nearly here! So, I thought that it would behoove me to add the events going on at the music stores in town here too. They are as follows:

CD Warehouse: Has confirmed appearances by Brookroyal & Last Night's Vice, plus limited edition cds and vinyl will be available, free concert tix and much more... No event was posted at the above link, however, I did find one that Brookroyal made on facebook here.

Euclid Records will have two days packed full of acts like Troubador Dali, The Bottle Rockets, Lucabrasi and The Blind Eyes. In addition to DJ’s, RSD exclusives, BBQ and loads of beer!!! All according to their facebook event.

Apop Records will be hosting free performances by Bikini Acid, Catholic Guilt, .e and also Union Electric. RSD after party/evening show with touring bands at 9pm and costs $5. With acts Canadian Rifles, Defect Defect and also Mescalin Journey. This is all according to their facebook event.

Vintage Vinyl features DJ spins by many known writers of local music blogs. Plus, musical performances by Richie Callison, Mathias and also Via Dove. To name a few, in addition to an I Hate Punk Rock Records Showcase, sounds interesting. This is also all according to their facebook event.

Slackers has Sicklove, Mudshov3l, Two Iron Fists, ShowMore and Fivefold at the St. Charles store. At the Columbia store is John Henry & The Engine and Tommy & The High Pilots. At the Glen Carbon, IL store is I Like Snaps, You're Not Kablamo and Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship.

All of these stores listed in this post have put together special releases and whatnot, so let's do what we can to show our support for them. As always, these sites are linked on the right of the blog here.

Swords and Horns released an album on bandcamp called "Old Country" in January 2011. There are two people in the band, Nick Watt and Will Kyle, both living in St. Louis. The album features songs like "Reach With Me", "Mirror Zone", "Heart String". All of the music is original, Will writes most of the lyrics and sings most of the songs, while Nick writes and performs almost all of the music. For instance, they recorded "Solitary" while they were in separate countries. Nick wrote and recorded all of "Heart String" himself, while Will wrote and recorded all of "Mirror's Own" himself. They recorded almost everything with equipment that had accumulated and was learned how to use over the years. In crafting songs, Nick is much more deliberate and organized when he plays, whereas Will is more spontaneous. The duality shows up in their music, a sort of bluesy version of Modest Mouse style. Check it it out:

Buck The Trend will be at Club 111 in Pontoon Beach, IL on Sat. April 9th. Then their next two appearances will be at the Warehouse in St. Louis' south-side. This duo, now combo, just recently added a new bass player to the mix of their dynamic blend of rock. Here is a download by the group:

*"Spring Water" by Buck The Trend was removed on 2/16/12, visit their website for music.