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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Post 14 featuring free digital comp. by GE Productions:

Here is a free digital compilation put together by Ghetto Electro Productions:

GE Productions presents you with 18 songs for FREE download by some of the Saint Louis areas most eclectic artists. The compilation features tracks by the following artists:

Murder Happens, Shinma, Spiral-Shaped Mind, Sinfinis,
Ockum's Razor, Thanatos Eternal, Glitch Factor, SMP & Sons Of Black Mass. Enjoy!

Ken from Ghetto Electro mentions,"Jason Bazinet from SMP has played drums on tour with bands such as Front Line Assembly & Chemlab. Shinma's song The Noh Agents V.3 was inspired by David Mack's comic book Kabuki which was on Invisible Records, but now on a subsidirary of Marvel. He supports & promotes the shinma song & has had it on his myspace page for quite some time.
SMP has also had songs on a few Invisible Records compilations. Each band on the compilation is doing really well & trying to get out there!"