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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

STLMU's FREE Mp3's post #3 for the week of 6/7 -6/14 :

Raw Elements sent us this track entitled, 'Shut It Down' :

-Removed from blog on 12/12/10-
*Check them out at the link above.

The next three tracks are from Greg Goldman who is a new transplant to the area. He is looking for a drummer, bassist, and lead guitarist, possibly a keyboardist too. Drummer is the first and most important, of course! One can contact him via email greggoldman (AT)
-Replace the (AT) w/ the @ symbol, check him out:

Amazed, Fully Engaged & Heathaze by Greg Goldman
were removed on 1/24/11. His website is HERE

Finally, we have a last minute addition for this week, by Major Creativity. Enjoy and artists get to submitting your songs for next week and I'll get them posted!

'Korgoker' by Major Creativity
-Removed on 12/12/10-

Check out his music here: